You might be wondering “Why the Adventures? They aren’t ‘really’ on an adventure.  They aren’t climbing Mt. Everest, or swimming from Alaska to Hawaii or some such gigantic feat.”

And you would be right, to some extent.  There’s nothing that we are doing or wanting to do that is any huge thing, but we (well, mostly I) came to the realization during a kayak trip near home that there really wasn’t any reason we SHOULDN’T be out exploring the amazingness of God’s Creation.  If we can make it work, why wouldn’t we learn about Mt. Rushmore AT Mt. Rushmore?  Why wouldn’t we go hiking at Hidden Lake in Colorado or kayak a pristine lake in Michigan?  Why wouldn’t we discover the amazing things that there are to see?

So, our adventure begins.  Because, really, shouldn’t all of life be an adventure no matter what journey you are on?

To make it happen, we have to start with finances.  Like most young adults these days, we have made some bad financial decisions and need to get things on track.  It’s time to buckle down and build a budget!  I’ll be sure to share how I’ve gone about it along the way, and what is working and what isn’t.  After all, part of the adventure is helping other people start their’s – whatever adventure it may be.

Once we get everything in order, we are headed out….traveling the US to begin with in a truck camper.  (That should be fun, as technically it’s like 100 square feet total. For three of us.)

So, jump in and join the journey!  Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and ideas with us.  And by all means, do some searching of your own to discover your own adventure.  From backyards to museums, from fireworks to hiking, there are no wrong adventures.  Only discovered ones!

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